Doc Baker

Doc Baker is a Tool & Die maker by day, and a race car Mastermind by night.
DMXtreme Motorsports not only has the 1971 Dodge Demon, but also has the Panther Pink 1971 Dodge Dart.
The Demon is fitted with a Hemi and a Superman supercharger, that you can't miss sticking out the hood. The Dart has an LS twin turbo, that screams when spooled on the line. You never know what he will show up with when he says he's going to race, but one thing for sure is that he will put on a show. Known for the 330' burnouts and don't tell him to put a little heat in the tires, or he will burn across the finish line then back up and race.

 Jamie Otts

Jamie Otts has been racing since he was 15 years old. He has raced everything from street racing, outlaw drag radial and the big stage of no prep racing. He started Memphis 10 to get your average everyday drag racers involved in small track heads up racing. He has a 1968 Camaro and a 1970 C10 truck he calls Scrappy. Both are powered by LS turbo combos. Look for jamie at your local drag strip or the street doing what he loves.

 Steve Bailey

 Steve Bailey own Bailey’s Auto in Pontotoc, Mississippi, and he also has a chassis dyno and tuning shop. His car is a 2000 Trans Am WS6 street style car that is mostly stock with mildly built 5.3 ls.

Wally Britton

Wally Britton drives a 1993 Ford Mustang LX named Way2wild. It is powered by a SBF and uses a FAST XFI system for tuning. A Zex nitrous system is the power adder of choice. This is a true daily driver street car with A/C and stereo system. This car is truly the best of both worlds - winning a drag race or shining and winning trophies at a car show all in the same weekend.

Blake Curry

Blake Curry drives a 2013 Corvette Grand Sport, powered by a turbo 5.3 LS. The car is a 60th anniversary car with only 21,000 miles. He's from Tupelo, Mississippi and owns Curry Auto Sales. He's been drag racing for the last 10 years. From the start Blake always drove nitrous cars until a few years ago when he decided to build the turbo setup for the Corvette. When Curry started this new build he wanted to be one of the fastest daily driver stock block cars in the world. The car still has all its factory options including AC, power steering, HUD, and heated seats. It’s powered by a stock block 5.3 with a single turbo mounted under the rear of the car. It has taken a lot of time and patience but it’s been worth it all in the end.

John Michael Stepp

John Michael Stepp drives a SN95 Mustang. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. John is 21 and has been racing for as long as he can remember. He lives to race. After his bills are paid every dime he has goes into his car and getting to races. He's been racing on the Memphis streets his whole life. If it wasn’t for he family and friends, he wouldn’t be where he is now!

Josh Elam

Josh Elam drives a 2009 Corvette powered by a 388 LSX. He has traveled and raced in over 120 street class events since 2015. The C6 still has AC, power steering, and all other factory amenities. His team talks about removing some for weight savings but it’s just too much fun driving around.

Turnmire Motorsports

Rory, Ronnie and Justin Turnmire make up Turnmire Motorsports. They own a 1986 Cutlass, named Section Eight and a Chevy II Nova, named Uncle Sam. Section Eight is powered by a 588 cubic inch motor on one kit of nitrous. Their family and crew all pull together to make this car what it is. A whole bunch of folks all in on one project!
Their crew includes Jc Craig, Justin Hanson, Tim King, Matthew King, Chris King and Melanie Blackwood.

The Ferrell Brothers

Mark and Billy Ferrell race a Small Block Chevy-powered 1989 S10, named Festus. They've have been racing for the better part of 35 years.They call themselves Ol’School Racing because they do it the old school way. The brothers do everything themselves, no fancy computers and tuning software, just turn a few screws to tune their truck up and down the track they go!

John Williams

John Williams drives a 1967 Chevelle powered by a 565 Big Block Chevy with Twin 80mm turbos. The car has been street driven for Drag Week. He also owns a business called Outlaw Racing Parts, specializing in the sales of most any racing parts you would need to get your race car or street car running just like you want it to!


Gregg Holley

Gregg Holley drives a 1989 Mustang GT named Lil2Wld. It is powered by a nitrous assisted 347 SBF. It is a street car. He's been racing off and on for about 25 years. Win or Lose, he just loves to race!

Lester Miller

Lester Miller, aka Fast Lester races a 1967 Camaro, called The Mistress. It is powered by a big block Chevy on two kits of nitrous and a powerglide transmission. He lives in Wynne, Arkansas (not Mayberry like everyone jokes about). Lester is married to Dena Miller and has two kids, a boy (Kye Miller) and a girl (Hadley Henderson). He sells custom wheelchairs for National Seating and Mobility for a living. He's been around drag racing all of his life. His dad street raced and raced at the track as he was growing up. Miller's dad started letting him get behind the wheel when he was 12 years old. He started out driving a red and white 1968 Camaro that He still own today. Lester now races The Mistress nearly every weekend and has a lot of wins with her. She is one bad Camaro!

Sonya Hargett

Sonya Hargett from Booneville, MS drives a 2016 Corvette Z06 known as GIRLPWR! It is powered by a supercharged LT4 engine. It is her daily driven street car. She’s definitely NO Garage Queen and she’s Not Afraid To RUN with the Big Boys! Although, Sonya’s only been racing a year and half you will find her at local tracks every weekend when weather permits. The race track is where she chooses to be on date nights doing what she LOVES to do! #GRLPWR2

Brandon Holt

Brandon Holt is the man behind the camera. He films and edits all the Memphis 10 original content. Brandon started his own brand for automotive media named Revlimit RP.  From there he has been creating content for different companies, from car dealerships to Nat Geo Wild's Snake City, for the past 3 years.